Photo Album

Here is a collection of some photographs of me, the family, and other assorted things.  Enjoy!

Family Picture--Myself, Jennifer, Christopher, and Connor (2001)

HELP!!!--Christopher and Connor (2001)

House--A View of our house in Georgia

Oklahoma City National Memorial--

Dinosaur State Park-Glen Rose, Texas  --Jennifer and the kids (December 2001)

Space Shuttle Endeavour (2003)

Endeavour lifting off

Christopher on the beach

Me and Spiderman

Boy Scout Camp

Andersonville, Georgia (2005)

Last Easter in Georgia (2005)

Connor (2005)

Connor at Madison's birthday (2005)

Buon trentasettesimo compleanno (2008)

Diamond Head (2008)

Bird of Paradise (2008)--makes a neat wallpaper


Wallpaper for your computer


                Pink Floyd




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