Dr. Jason R. Jolley

Head & Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Modern and Classical Languages
Missouri State University

Teaching and Research Interests

Spanish American Literature
Brazilian Literature and Portuguese
Latin American Culture, History, and Politics
Translation Theory and Practice
Technology-assisted Language Learning
Motivation and Self-directed Learning
Standards-based Instruction and Assessment

Scholarship File

I am developing a page that provides online access to my publications and conference presentations. Go there.

Click here to view my keynote presentation at the recent annual meeting of the Ozarks Foreign Language Association.



Curriculum Vitae: Microsoft Word version of my CV My YouTube Channel: Lots of videos covering topics in Spanish and Portuguese grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, culture, etc.

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Syllabi, Course Documents and Handouts: Current course syllabi, documents used in course I teach, and handouts on grammar and vocabulary topics
Professorjason.com: Visit my website, which features a ton of free Spanish content, including videos, slideshows and podcasts
My Facebook Community: "Like" my page to receive daily tips and the latest updates on my Spanish and Portuguese content
www.twitter.com/professor_jason: Follow me on twitter for Spanish and Portuguese tips and faster access to content updates
Resources and Strategies for Learning Spanish Online: A list of resource types and specific suggestions and venues to help you learn spanish online Best of the Web: My list of the 10 best web resources for learners of Spanish
Autonomous Language-learning Activities: A series of documents instructors and students can used to improve language proficiency beyond the classroom Online Person-to-person Language Exchange Tutorial: Strategies and tools for interacting with native speakers online
Language-learning Portfolio and Supporting Documents: A set of documents I developed to help individual learners document their progress    
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