Web Portfolio

Photograph of Theresa BrickmanThis electronic portfolio showcases samples of work that I have created during my time at Missouri State University.

Note: The PDFs in this portfolio are password-protected. To request the password, please email me at theresa.brickman@gmail.com.

About my education

I am currently a senior at Missouri State University. When I was a sophomore, I chose the Print and Internet Journalism major and joined the staff of the school paper. I decided that the field wasn't what I wanted — I wanted more experience editing than I did writing. In my junior year, I chose the Professional Writing major.

I intend to graduate in December of 2015 with a Bachelor's of Art in Professional Writing and a minor in English.

About my experience

During my time at Missouri State, I have gained experience in advertising, journalism, and technical writing and editing. Each organization has taught me something different, but I have learned that each field has a style with a specific purpose. Advertising aims to persuade, journalism aims to inform, and technical writing aims to be concise.

Opal Agency

When I joined Opal Agency in September of 2012, the CEO created the position of 'Editor' just for me. For a year, I was the only Editor and I struggled to ensure the entire organization utilized me and my abilities.

A year later, we recruited two additional Editors and I became Head Editor. Now I oversee these Editors, assign projects to them, and check their work. As Editors, our main goal is to remove information that could confuse the message of the campaign. We want to make sure the information is accurate and portrayed in the correct manner, whether that be a positive or neutral light.

In January of 2013, the CEO told me to run for the Secretary position on the Board of Directors. Once I was voted into the position, I gained several responsibilities in addition to my editing responsibilities. I keep the Board organized, reserve rooms for meetings, send emails, and keep track of deadlines.

During my time at Opal, I have gained more leadership experience that I doubt I would have gotten any other way. I have learned, and I'm still learning, how to lead in way that will yield the best results while also helping members get the best experience they can.

The Standard

I joined the staff of the school newspaper, The Standard, in January of 2013 as a Copy Editor. I was one among three, copy editing the entire paper before it was printed. In August of 2014, I became the Copy Chief in charge of the other two copy editors.

As the Copy Chief, I help decide which applicants should be hired as a Copy Editor, make style decisions for The Standard’s in-house style guide, and ensure the information printed is correct and adheres to Associated Press Style.


I became a member of the Society for Technical Communication in October of 2014. STC, according to its website, is the "world's largest and oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the field of technical communication."


My dream is to be an editor for a publishing house in Chicago. I prefer editing fiction stories, but I have recently rediscovered how powerful nonfiction writing can be.