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Arden Miller, Ph.D

Professor of Psychology
Missouri State University


Psychological Statistical Methods




Unit 1: Fundamentals of research design and variables

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Objectives and Lecture Notes
Reading Assignment: Aron Reading on website: Logic & Language of Psychology Research

1. What are the goals of science and how do the types of statistics relate to those goals.

2. Explain what is meant by a variable and consider the role of reliability and validity in in research.

3. Explain the role of descriptive research, with emphasis on appropriate conclusions from descriptive data.

4. Recognize correlational research and identify alternate hypotheses to explain a relationship found in a correlational study.

5. Use the concepts of independent variable and dependent variable in describing experimental research and designing simple studies. Distinguish between the true experiment and a quasiexperiment.

6. Discuss the importance of randomization in the selection of subjects and assignment of subjects to groups in experiments; considering the advantages of experiments over quasi-experiments?

Example: Modeling motorist assistance

Example: Math Moods

Example: Newspaper articles

Example: Marriage & Health

QA: Fundamentals of Research