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Psychological Statistical Methods




Unit 10: Introduction to the Analysis of Variance

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Objectives and Lecture Notes
Reading: Aron, Chapter 9

1. Explain the logic of an analysis of variance, comparing it to a t test.

2. Carry out a one-way analysis of variance.

3. Carry out a one way ANOVA using SPSS.

4. Understand the significance of planned comparisons and conduct these planned comparisons, considering the debate over the use of omnibus tests and multiple comparisons.

5. Recognize when post-hoc tests are required and conduct these tests use the Scheffe method.

6.  Compute the effect size for an ANOVA and estimate power or n needed based upon expected effect sizes.

7. Interpret a typical Analysis of Variance table for a multilevel research design.


Anova from objective 2 using ANOVA table
Mirror drawing using ANOVA