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Psychological Statistical Methods




Unit 2: Tables and Graphs

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Objectives and Lecture Notes
Reading Assignment: Aron Chapter 1

1. Recognize the role of descriptive and inferential statistics noting the shortcomings of emphasis of one over the other.

2. Identify examples the types of variables and the four levels of measurement and consider the implications for statistical and theoretical inference.

3.  Given a data set, create a frequency table or grouped frequency table with a rationale for grouping choices and interpret tables that are presented.

4. Given a data set, create a histogram (including bar and line graphs) and interpret histograms that are presented.

5. Use the terms applied to various shapes of distributions and consider factors that might be related to skewed distributions.

6. Critically evaluate graphs and tables that are misleading.

7. Be able to create frequency tables and histograms using SPSS. (use tutorial)


1.  Percentages & percentiles.

2. Make a Histogram Document.

3. Make a histogram.

4. Q&A: Scales and Histograms