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Psychological Statistical Methods




Unit 5: Hypothesis Testing

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Objectives and Lecture Notes
Reading Assignment: Aron Chapter 4

1. Review the role and logic of hypothesis testing in theory development.

2. Outline the five steps in testing a hypothesis, and apply this to an example with n = 1.

3. Recognize the fallacy of “accepting the null hypothesis”.

4. Recognize a nondirectional hypothesis and apply the hypothesis testing steps to a two-tailed test.

5. Discuss the merits of hypothesis testing in research along with its limitations.

6. Interpret the meaning of the p values that are displayed in typical research reports.


1. H1 Research Hypothesis: x > µ
2. H1 Research Hypothesis: x < µ
3. H1 Research Hypothesis: x ≠ µ
4. QAhypothesis tests