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Psychological Statistical Methods




Unit 8: Introduction to t Tests:
Single Sample and Dependent Scores

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Objectives and Lecture Notes
Reading: Aron, Chapter 7

1. Compute the unbiased estimate of the standard deviation.

2. Compute a t-test for a single sample for a known population mean, and use the t tables to determine if the t is significant.

3. Compute a t-test for dependent means, and use the t tables to determine if the t is significant.

4. Compute an effect size for dependent means and use tables to determine N needed for adequate power.

5. Discuss the limitations and strengths in dependent t-tests, problems with repeated measures designs, and the use of dependent t-tests in matching and yoked designs.

6. Describe a statistically significant or non-significant finding in acceptable APA fashion as a result of a dependent t-test.

Complete Ponzo experiment prior to QA

brief t table usage tutorial

QA on dependent means

Mirror drawing dependent t test