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For well over a century, posters have been employed to promote a variety of events.  We are all familiar with circus posters.  And many of us collect movie posters.  Still others collect concert posters.  But when collecting these relics from the past, we sometimes find other posters--very weird posters.  The posters on this website are just a sample of the strange and oddball posters that survive.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you have any posters you wish to sell, please contact me by email (just click on this link).  Enjoy!


Religious "revival" shows appear to have generated quite a few "unusual" or even "weird" posters.  Below we see a sample of such posters.


This is one of my all time favorites. The poster promotes "the Nation's
only Yodeling Cowboy Evangelist" in the "Big Tent." This poster
dates from the early 1950s.

The poster promoting J.C. Bishop "the Nation's
only Yodeling Cowboy Evangelist" is a tad odd. But he
seems to be outdone by this preacher, Prophet Gamble, who prefers
"Prophesying from The Casket."  The image shows him
preaching from his coffin.

The poster promotes a revival
led by Elvis' former friend who seeks to
help "the Hippy Acid Rock-Sin Victim."
If it wasn't for his new career (or calling), he
might now be in Elvis Presley's Shoes
(Blue Suede or otherwise!)


I must admit that I am still trying to figure this out.  But it appears that "female impersonator" shows were popular in Houston in the early 1960s.  Below we see a sample of such posters.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than attending the "Big Xmas "
and New Year's Dance Featuring Diamond Lil." This 1965 poster
promotes a performance by the female impersonator who is
described as "250 Lbs of Joy and Comedy."

Diamond Lil seemed to Get Around!
Here s/he is in Galena Park
(a suburb of Houston).

The "Club Astronaut" in Bay City, Texas
(just south of Houston) may not have been
able to hire "Diamond Lil," but they did
manage to bring in three other big acts.
This poster also dates from 1965.


During the 1930s and 1940s, an entire series of exploitation films--purporting to be 'educational"--were cranked out by small studios.  They continued to be shown in theaters for decades.  Eventually, they became 'cult classics' and would be shown on university campuses in the 1960s and 1970s.  But these posters are from that earlier time period--the late 1940s and the early 1950s.

It is not possible to date this window card. But it is probably from
the late 1940s.  In fact, this exploitation film circulated for decades.

This "documentary" also circulated for decades. This one appears to
be from a 1951 Halloween Show. I obtained it from an older man
who complained that such films were always shown in "the worst
parts of town" and that he hated these theaters.

Another poster for the same "documentary"
that was shown at the Savoy Theatre
in Memphis, Tenn.



Country and Western or "Hillbilly" Bands have toured for decades.  Some of their acts might be described as a bit "weird." 

This poster has a lot going for it that can guarantee
its prominent place in any "poster of the weird" collection.
For starters, the show costs only twenty cents (probably from
the 1940s or 30s).  Even better is that the band features
"Miss Sissy, The Barking Trick Dog."  And consider that the poster
helps concert goers find the location of the event by stating
that it is located "Six Miles East of Marked Tree" (I wonder
if Miss Sissy marked that tree).  Actually, there really is a city
named Marked Tree (click on the link to learn more). Finally, the show is at
"8:00pm Arkansas Time."   What More Do You Want?
Definitely a Weird Poster!


Most of us who were raised on rock and roll in the 1960s absolutely detested Lawrence Welk.  For us, the best bands performed at venues like the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco. So, any poster promoting a show by Lawrence Welk at the Avalon Ballroom must be consider "very weird!"

Yes, its none other than Lawrence Welk at the Avalon Ballroom!
Who would have guessed it? No wait a minute! This is the Avalon Ballroom
in La Crosse, Wisconsin!


Any vintage poster promoting a show by Liberace must be considered a tad weird by some.  And I think he would have appreciated that fact!

Yes, its a "Pop Concert" by Liberace!
Brother George is featured prominently as his "Music Director."
Hey, it was probably a lot more fun than the Lawrence Welk show
in Wisconsin!!!

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