Welcome to the Missouri State Trumpet Studio!  Please familiarize yourself with the information and recommendations on this page.  The materials listed are those you will need to be successful as a trumpet major at MSU.  If you any have questions about anything on this page, please email or call me at 417-234-4561 and let me help you.

INSTRUMENTS: Any professional quality trumpet is acceptable, but is expected!  
Some manufacturers include:
Bach, Conn, Edwards, Schilke and Yamaha.  There are others - please ask me if you aren’t sure.

MOUTHPIECES:  Any professional quality mouthpiece is acceptable:  Some manufacturers include:  Bach, Yamaha and Schilke  There are many others - please ask me if you aren’t sure.

MUTES:  Every serious trumpet player needs to own a straight and cup mute. If you plan to play jazz, you will also need a harmon mute.   There are many brands, but quality varies greatly. 
Jo-Ral mutes are an excellent choice.

ACCESSORIES:  You will need a metronome/tuner .  You may choose to use one of many apps available for smartphones and tablets.  This app is excellent if you have an Apple product: Tonal Energy.

MUSIC:  All students will need to have the following books when classes begin.  Unfortunately, you cannot get these books at the University Bookstore.  I recommend that you order them from Penders Music at Penders.com or by calling  1-800-772-5918.  Some of them can be found at local music stores, but if you need to order, PLEASE use Penders - It will be much faster.

     1. Arban, J.B.                      Complete Conservatory Method                    Fischer
2. Clarke, H.L.                     Technical Studies                                              Fischer
3. McGregor, Rob Roy       Daily Scale Builder                                          Balquhidder
4. Lacour, Guy                     100 Dechiffrages, Bk. 1                                    Billaudot
5. Lin, Bai                             Lip Flexibilities for All Instruments             Balquhidder 

LESSON TIMES:  I will make a teaching schedule as soon as I am confident that your schedules are not going to change (due to ensembles auditions).  I will notify you with a link to the schedule. - typically lessons begin the second week of  classes.

Please understand that your applied lessons on trumpet are the foundation of your study as a music major.  You will be expected to practice 2-3 hours a day.  This is where you learn to become a musician!  Take it seriously from day one.


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