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    Welcome to the home page for Ostracode Diversity. 


Ostracodes are microcrustraceans that are widespread in freshwater and marine environments.   Most species live associated with the sediments.  Although at least 420 ostracode species live in freshwater, many freshwater ecologists have a limited understanding of the diversity in this group.  This website shows microphotographs of a wide variety of freshwater ostracodes collected from North America.


    The species of ostracodes having photo images are listed both in the taxonomic list and the alphabetic list.  If you are new to ostracodes, you can also view a collage of representative images.

    Usage Policy for Ostracode images.





I acknowledge the expert assistance of Elissa (Dey) Dodson, who took all the photographs and developed this web page while working in my lab.


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Dr. John Havel  


Last updated on September 2005