Applied Theoretical Organic Chemistry

We are a research team led by Dr. Matthew R. Siebert in the chemistry department at Missouri State University. We address problems of interest to the chemical community through judicious application of computational methods.
Matthew R. Siebert, Ph.D.
aka: root, Seebs 
Hometown: Lodi, CA 
Program Founded: Fall 2012
Michael J. Bakker
M.Sc. Chemistry Student
(expected Dec. 2019)
Hometown: Springfield, MO 
Date Joined: Summer 2016 
Arkanil Roy
M.Sc. Chemistry Student
(expected Dec. 2019)
Hometown: TBD 
Date Joined: Spring 2019
Converting Biodiesel to Gasoline Research Highlighted on Missouri State University web site and Public Radio
We have all heard that gasoline (and the petroleum that contains this resourse) is limited. What's next for society? Perhaps biodiesel. Dr. Matthew R. Siebert's research on biodiesel as an alternative fuel was recently highlighted in the article "Upcycling that will get you moving: Can used fryer oil become a gasoline replacement?"
Rotenone Biosynthesis Research Highlighted on Regional News Network KOLR10
The chemical rotenone had been used as a pesticide until 2004 when it was linked to symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. Learn more about rotenone in the KOLR10 interview "MSU Professor Researching Cause for Parkinson's Disease"
Graduate Student Michael Bakker Presents Research Findings from the Siebert Team at National Meeting
Mike has taken up the torch on biodiesel pyrolysis research in the Siebert research team. In Spring 2019 he attended the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society to present "Pyrolysis of biodiesel: Density functional theory investigations into thermal decomposition of methyl linoleate."
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