Brian D. Greene

Brian D. Greene   Ph.D.

Office: Kings Street Annex 312

Phone: (417) 836-6379




B.S. Biology, 1985, State University of New York

M.S. Biology, 1988, Missouri State University

Ph.D.  Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, 1993, Texas A&M University


Primary Courses:  Non-major's general biology (BIO 102), Field Zoology (BIO 374), Herpetology (BIO 576)

Other Courses Taught: General Biology II (BIO 122), General Ecology (BIO 369), Biometry (BIO 576)




My research is focused on the ecology and conservation of reptiles, particularly snakes.  I utilize mark-recapture techniques and radiotelemetry to address population-level questions involving foraging ecology, reproductive life history, demography, activity patterns, spatial ecology, and habitat selection.  All of these topics are applicable to both basic ecological studies and conservation.  Although all of my past research has involved field studies of semi-aquatic species, I am interested in utilizing other taxa and laboratory studies to address new questions.

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