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     Using English Studies to Explore and Promote Academic Public Service: A Key Facet of Missouri State University's Public Affairs Mission 

     Since 1994, a member of the Professional/Technical Writing Program of the Department of English at Missouri State University. Email

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Ph.D. in English Studies, Illinois State University (1982)--the nation's first and only doctoral program in English studies--; M.S. in English, Illinois State University (1969); B.S. in English, Illinois State University (1964)

Recent projects supporting Missouri State's public affairs mission:

"Using the Internet as a Tool for Public Service: Creating a Community History Web Site." Journal of Technical Writing & Communication 35.1 (2005): 71-94. (refereed) (abstract).

Mr. Lincoln, Route 66, & Other Highlights of Lincoln, Illinois. A book-length, innovative community history Web site combining published history and literature, published and original photos, vintage picture postcards, published and original maps, and collective memoir. Honored in 2004 by the Illinois State Historical Society as the "Best Web Site of the Year" (refereed).

More academic public service publications at Research.

Completing Formal Education in the 20th Century (1948--1982)

Using It in the 21st Century

     When I was a kid, my dad took me fishing, and it became my favorite hobby, affording some interesting challenges and results. In the first technical writing course I took (1977), I used my knowledge of fishing to write two assignments: a description of a mechanism (a prototype of a top-water fishing lure) and a set of instructions for ice fishing in the Midwest. Those documents will be included in my professional autobiography, tentatively titled How I Went from Basic Writing Student to Professor Emeritus of English Teaching Technical Communication in Only Forty-Five Years (I got hung up in high school, where I spent 34 years--the usual four as a student and 30 more as a teacher).