of Darold Leigh Henson

        Following my last graduation in 1982, I wrote for academic publications for a couple of years.  Then, looking for more challenges, I entered the world of business and industry part time as a writer, editor, trainer, and consultant.  My objectives for these activities were to 

        See the Research section (link below) for bibliographical information about two of my publications that discuss how these experiences have affected my views on the interrelationships among rhetorical theory, writing practice, and teaching:  "A Preliminary Rhetoric of Technical Copywriting" and "How and Why to Advance Technical Copywriting." 

Consulting in Corporate Communications

Marketing consultant to R.A.N. Consultants, Inc., 3647 Meadowbrook Road, Peoria, IL 61604. R.A.N. is a civil, municipal, and structural engineering firm. R.A.N. also performs land surveying. Note: Developed marketing strategy, telemarketed, and wrote promotional letters for lead generation. Designed, wrote, and desktop published list of completed projects and business reply card.

Writing consultant presenting an 18-hour writing workshop at the World Headquarters of Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL 61629 (fall, 1986)

Marketing and technical communications consultant to Techcom, Inc., and Triad Equipment Corporation, both of 110 Queenwood Rd., Morton, IL (61550) (1987-1990). Techcom designed off-highway vehicles and components. This company also occasionally developed service publications relating to construction equipment. These companies were superseded by Paul Wever Construction Equipment (PWCE), which continued to use my consulting and writing services. Note: Tutored technical writers at Techcom. Designed, wrote, and edited corporate communication.

          Management Experience

One of three founding partners of Technical Publication Associates, Inc. (1990Ė1993) 112 Queenwood Rd., Morton, IL 61550. Responsibilities included marketing strategy and execution, client contact, determining fee schedules, and writing and editing various materials for clients. TPA has gained repeat business from small and large companies.

Technical Copywriting and Editing Experience
 (The asterisk denotes clients who offered repeat business.)


Client: *Paul Wever Construction Equipment. Note: Created lead-generation ads in trade magazines.

Client: Technical Publication Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 5333, Morton, IL, 61550. TPA, Inc., is an agency providing technical writing, copywriting, illustration, consulting, and editing services to manufacturers of industrial and high-tech products. Note: Wrote small ads promoting creative services in Adweek and Interbusiness Issues magazines.

Catalog Copy

Client: American Media Inc., 1454 30th St., West Des Moines, IA 50265. American Media produces training films and videos for business and industry.

Concept Work

Client: Robert Brandt & Associates, Inc., 806 York Road, Hinsdale, IL 60521. Robert Brandt & Associates is a marketing communications agency. Provided background for ad strategies targeting several industries.

Corporate Capabilities Brochures

Client: American Financial Security Corporation, 827 East War Memorial Drive, Peoria Heights, IL 61614 American Financial is one of the Midwestís largest credit insurance agencies.

Client: Techcom, Inc.

Instructional Materials

Client: Caterpillar Inc., 100 N.E. Adams St., Peoria, IL 61602. Note: Designed writing workshop, wrote instructional materials, and delivered instruction for writing on the job.

Client: *Caterpillar Inc. Service Technology Group, 600 W. Washington St., East Peoria, IL 61630. Note: Edited Operatorís Manual for Hydraulic Componentsí Test Bench.

Client: *Caterpillar Inc. Technical Information Center, Bld., East Peoria, IL 61630-037. Note: Edited Guidelines for Reusable Parts and Salvage Operations.

Client: Techcom, Inc. Note: Edited instructions for installing steel-belted, track-carrier roller modification on Caterpillar 963 track loader. Developed instructional manual on how to write service publications. Designed and edited instructions for installing auxiliary fuel tank on track loader. Designed and edited operatorís and maintenance manual for crane attaching to backhoes.

Client: Rhino Robots, Inc., 308 S. State St., P.O. Box 4010, Champaign, IL 61820. Note: Designed and edited workbook for training students to use a computer numerically controlled lathe.

Client: Kobelco America, Inc., 10515 Harwin, Houston, TX 77036. Note: Edited operatorís manual for use with a hydraulic excavator.

Press Releases

Client: Triad Equipment Corporation. Note: Wrote press release promoting crane attaching to backhoes. Release helped generate feature stories in Equipment Today (April, 1990) and Construction Equipment (May, 1990). Wrote press release promoting crane attaching to backhoes.

Client: Paul Wever Construction Equipment.

Product Brochures and Flyers

Client: Triad Equipment Corporation. Note: Designed and wrote brochure on imported down-sized dumpers.

Client: *Komatsu Dresser Company, Haulpak Division, P.O. Box 240, Peoria, IL 61650-0240. Note: Designed and wrote flyers to promote special service technology products to end users. Co-authored new product announcements sent to distributors.

Client: Caterpillar, Inc., Service Technology Group, 600 W. Washington St., LD 180, East Peoria, IL 61630. Note: Co-authored brochure promoting computerized engine diagnostic tool.

Proposals, Letters of Agreement, and Technical Reports

Client: Techcom, Inc. Note: Designed, wrote, and/or edited numerous documents, including a two-volume report to the Italian Trade Commission. This study was concerned with the technical and marketing feasibility of introducing Italian construction equipment into North America.

Sales Promotion Letters

Client: Paul Wever Construction Equipment (lead generation).

Clients: Techcom, Inc., and the Triad Equipment Corporation (lead generation and mail order).

Client: American Media Incorporated (mail order.)

Client: R.A.N. Consultants, 3647 Meadowbrook Road, Peoria, IL 61604 (lead generation).


Client: Paul Wever Construction Equipment. Note: Edited and narrated a script for promoting an excavator stick attachment.

Other Sales Promotion Material

Client: Two-Fold Associates, 1928 Grandview Terrace, Peoria Heights, IL 61614. Two-Fold is a writing agency specializing in construction equipment. Note: Wrote material emphasizing gear technology.

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