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Geophysics in the Afar, Ethiopia
December, 2008

Dr. Mickus joined colleagues Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam and Dr. Steve Gao from Missouri University of Science and Technology on a funded grant from StatoilHydro to study the lithospheric structure of the Afar region in Ethiopia. Assisting us were students from Missouri State University (Matt Cosatt) and MST (Dave Bridges, Carrie Bender and Devon Rumbaugh) and scientists from the Ethiopian Geological Survey (Lulu Tsige, Wondossen Bekele and Workineh Haro ). For 3 weeks we collected gravity, magnetics and structural/petrological data. Additionally sites were scouted for a broadband seismic survey that will commence later in 2009.

Check back for updates including abstracts and papers that will be published from our research.

Some of the sights we saw are shown on the following 5 pages.

(click on image to see larger version)

 Ethiopia and its various states including Afar

Major geographic features within Afar and our study area

Afar (shaded) is part of the East Africa Rift System (dashed lines). Afar also includes active volcanoes (triangles)

Topographic view of Afar and our study area

Generalized Geology of Afar (lot of basalt!)

Typical orderly traffic in Addis Ababa our starting point



Ethiopian Christian Church across from our Hotel

Addis Ababa

Steve and Mohamed enjoying the tasty Ethiopian food



Carrie and Devon also enjoying the food

Ethiopian Dancers and Singers

Dave and our waitress at the Habesha Restaurant



Devon, Kevin, Matt and Wondossen waiting for lunch in Gewane on our way to the Afar

Locals within the Ethiopian Rift Valley


Sheep and Goats in Addis





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