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Elias Lewi of the Geophysical Observatory (now Institute of Geophysics) at the Univ. of Addis Ababa who graciously loaned us the gravity meter batteries

      Cinder Cones within the main Ethiopian Rift

Fantale Volcano and recent lava flows near Metahara in the main rift

Mohamed explaining the local geology of the Afar during our first day in the field

Examining the interior of a cinder cone in the Afar

Pahoehoe lava at the cinder cone

More Pahoehoe flows

The lava flows commonly had these blister structures due to interactions with groundwater in the lake sediments

The group at the cinder cone

Flow structures within the rhyolite along the northern border of the Tendaho Graben

Close up of the rhyolite flows

Border faults of the Tendaho Graben near Serdo

Our three trucks during the field trip

Monkeys at the cinder cone

More Monkeys!!


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