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MARCH, 2010

Drs. Mickus and Gouzie, and Damon Bassett led the annual GLG 360 field trip to the California. Molly Starkey did a great job in organizing most of the trip. The trip included 26 students and we traveled throughout the southern and central California and portions of southern Nevada and NW Arizona studying in a wide variety of geological, tectonic, environmental, petroleum and mining features. Highlights included Death Valley National Monument, Carrizo Plains National Monument, the San Andreas Fault, Oil fields in the San Joaquim Basin, Parkfield, Amboy Crater in the Mojave National Preserve, Morro Bay, Rainbow Basin, Barite Mines, Coastal features north of Santa Barbara, and Hoover Dam.

Some of the sights we saw are shown on the following 4 pages. Pictures were obtained from everybody on the fieldtrip.

(click on image to see larger version)

Drew and Ben looking at Death Valley from Dante's View

Death Valley

Clint looking down on Badwater

Alluvial fan coming off the Panamint Mountains

James and Bo examining the salt at Badwater




Brandy explaining the geology of Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley

The group at Badwater

Heading up Mosaic Canyon



Sasha and Callie at a fold in the marble in Mosaic Canyon

Valley to the west of Death Valley, we just

escaped the snow in the background

Examining the Miocene Lake sediments that have been deformed by a bend in the San Andreas Fault at Palmdale




Wave cut benches at Pismo Beach


Dr. Gouzie explaining  the origin of the wave cut benches





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