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Botswana-Okavango Delta Geophysical Experiment
June, 2007

Dr. Mickus participated in a geophysical experiment to better define the shallow structure of the southwestern branch of the East African Rift within the southern part of the Okavango Delta region in Northwestern Botswana in June, 2007. Dr. Estella Atekwana of Oklahoma State University was the leader of the experiment and along with colleagues from the University of Botswana and graduate students from Oklahoma State University we collected gravity, magnetic, DC-resistivity and audiomagnetelluric data across the rift. The experiment was funded by the National Science Foundation’s International program.

Some pictures of the experiment are on the next four pages.

(click on image to see larger version)

Map of Botswana, we flew into Gaborone, the capital and drove to Maun next to the Okavango Delta.

Closeup map of the Okavango Delta region. We started our survey in Maun but stayed about 100 km SW in Sehithwa

Our tents we stayed in near Sehithwa for 3 weeks

Our main compound in the morning

Our eating and campfire area

Village next to our compound



The bully, annoying rooster who made the nights a little worse

Andy taking a gravity reading, the only day the GPS worked.

The data recorder for the DC-resistivity unit



Getting ready to take DC-resistivity readings

Kelsey and Kristi at the Strategem (Audio Magnetotellurics) headquarters

The transmitter for the higher frequencies for the Strategem system



Laying the electrical dipole cable for the Strategem


Determining the direction of the electric dipoles with the magnetometers in the background



Measuring the electrode distance






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