Geophysical and Tectonics Research Links


General Sites

Gravity and Magnetic Sites

bullet Gravity and magnetics
bulletGeomagnetic resources at the USGS
bulletGeomagnetic resources at the NOAA
bullet World Data Centre for Geomagnetism
bullet USGS-Digital Data for North American Magnetic Grid
bullet USGS-Digital Data for North American Magnetic Index
bullet International Gravity Bureau (BGI)
bullet NOAA-Marine Geophysical Data including Gravity and Magnetics
bullet GRACE-Satellite Gravity
bullet ICGEM International Center for Global Gravity Fields
bullet Downloadable Geoids
bullet Generic Mapping Tools-Good for map analysis

Volcanology Sites-See recent eruptions


Digital Elevation Data and GPS

bulletNational Geospatial and Imaging Agency
bulletDEM data
bullet FTP Site for 3 sec SRTM data for various Continents
bullet DEM data-Shuttle, Gtop30 etc.
bullet CORS-Continuously Operating GPS Stations
bullet International GNSS Service-GPS service/data

Remote Sensing Data

bulletRemote Sensing Links
bullet USGS Global Visualization Viewer (site for downloading Landsat data)


bullet Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory
bullet Afar Rift Consortium
bullet Large Igneous Provinces
bullet International Lithosphere Program
bullet Tectonic Links
bullet Rice University Plate Motion Calculator
bullet Geologic/Tectonic Database for North Africa
bullet Mantle Plumes Organization
bullet Africa Array
bullet Mineral Physics Institute
bullet International Association of Basement Tectonics
bullet Mid-Ocean Ridge Research

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