Missouri State University
Department of Geography, Geology, and Planning
Missouri State  

 Geophysics Hardware within the Geology Department at Missouri State

Electromagnetics and Electrical

    ABEM-VLF receiver, Geonics EM-34XL, two portable shallow DC-Resistivity units, Crone shootback EM system,

    metal dectector, 64 channel GF Instruments DC-Resisivity imaging system


    Worden Educator meter, Lacoste and Romberg G (on loan from NGA), Laser distance and slope meter


    2 Geometrics proton precession magnetometers (1 has base station capabilities), magnetic gradiometer attachment, 

     Barringer magnetic susceptibility meter


    Bison 24 channel computer controlled seismic reflection system, includes hammer source, Betsy gun source (with portable

    auger), 1 set of 100 Hz, 40 Hz, 30 Hz and 3-compenent geophones, dry and wet cell batteries for power

Ground Penetrating Radar

    Mala GPR system with 100, 250, 500, 800 and 1600 MHz antennae, cart and backpack system.


    2 Topcon differentially correcting GPS receivers with tripods


    Trimble GPS receivers, Handheld GPS receivers (WAAS enabled), measuring wheel, 100 meter measuring tapes, large

    orange stakes


    Numerous PC's, Scanners (large and small), 36 inch color plotter, Linux workstation, Sun Sparc 2 workstation,

    HP 5000 workstation, large digitizer

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