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Gravity and Magnetic Investigation of the Blue Mountains Province, NE Oregon

 MS Thesis, Babs Horrighs, 2008

Babs Horrighs is working on her MS thesis collecting and analyzing gravity and magnetic data to determine the tectonic structures within the Blue Mountains Province in NE Oregon. More specifically she is interested in the Izee terrane between John Day and Burns Oregon. Dr. Rebecca Dorsey of the University of Oregon suggested the project and is involved in the interpretation of the data. The project was funded by a Missouri State University faculty research grant to Mickus.

Some pictures of the gravity data collection in June/July 2008 are shown on the next two pages.

(click on image to see larger version)

Tectonic Map of the Izee Terrane and surrounding area

Babs taking a reading the first day near John Day within an ophiolite

Small serpentinite outcrop in the Malheur National Forest

The last remains of a controlled forest fire near Seneca

The high point within the Strawberry Mountains

More views of the Strawberry Mountains



The western edge of the field area and the Strawberry Mountains

Small outcrop of Serpentinite

Some structure within some serpentinites



Babs taking a reading in the Malheur National Forest

Unusually easy to find Benchmark

Folds and a fault within basin sediments near Izee



More deformed sediments near Izee


Close up of the structures







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