Kevin Mickus

Distinguished Professor of Geology
Ph.D., University of Texas--El Paso, 1989
M.S. University of Texas--Dallas, 1985
B.S. University of Washington, 1982

Fellow Geological Society of America

417-836-6375 (office)
417-836-3231 (lab)

Fieldtrip and Research Trip Photos

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              Ethiopia 2003                           Nepal 2006                                                                                                                              

 Botswana 2007 and 2012           Zambia


                       Afar 2008                   North Cascades 2013-14                                                           

Antarctica 2012-13                Bhutan 2015-16 


Examples of Recent 360 Trips

  New Mexico                                  California

           West Texas                              Colorado Plateau 

My 1960 MGA


901 S. National

Department of Geography, Geology and Planning

Missouri State University

Springfield, MO 65897


Recent MS Theses



Babs Garcia-Gravity and magnetic analysis of the Izee Terrane and surrounding region, northeastern Oregon, 2011


Uranbaigal Purevsuren-Gravity and magnetic analysis of the lithospheric structure of the southern Sierra Nevada and surrounding region, California and Nevada-2010


Matt Cosatt-Gravity and magnetic analysis of the Tri-state mining district, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas-2011


Ben Weide-Gravity analysis of the Tendaho Graben, Afar Depression, Ethiopia, 2011


James Berglund-An Applied karst study of the Ward Branch watershed near the James River Freeway/South Campbell Interchange-2012


Joe Spinks, A geophysical study of the Chesapeake Fault Zone, western Missouri, 2013


Shannon McAdam-Gravity and magnetic analysis of the Chiwaukum Basin, central Washington-2013


Brandon Ives-Gravity and magnetic investigations into possible mineral deposits within the northwest St. Francois Terrane, southeastern Missouri-2015




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Geophysical Hardware and Software at Missouri State

  • Hardware

Mala Ground Penetrating Radar System-100, 250, 500 and 800 MHz Antennae

GSSI Multi-Frequency EM Conductivity Meter

ARES Electrical Resistivity Imaging System-64 Channels

Geometrics G-858 MagMapper Magnetometer (cesium sensor) and Gradiometer

Geometrics Proton Precession Magnetometer

Lacoste and Romberg Model G Gravity Meter

ZLS Burris Gravity Meter (NSF-MRI Grant 2015)

Geonics EM-34 Induction System

ABEM Wadi VLF Receiver

Phoenix MTU Magnetotelluric System with 6 MT80 magnetometers

Dual Frequency Differential GPS Receivers-2 Topcon GB1000, Trimble NetR9

Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

  • Software

Oasis-Montag and GM-SYS (2D and 3D) for gravity and magnetics

Winglink for MT

UBC 3D Gravity and Magnetic Inversion Routines

TopCon Tools for GPS

Earthimager for 2D and 3D Electrical Resistivity

RadExplorer and Reflex (2D and 3D) for GPR

2D Inversion for VLF data

Phoenix Geophysics MT data processing

Petrel for seismic modeling

Petra for seismic interpretation


Professional Organizations and Service:

            Past Chair GSA- Geophysics Division, Technical Program Chair-     Vancouver, BC, 2014

Personal Interests:


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