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13th Geological Society of Africa Conference
November, 2008

Hammamet, Tunisia

Dr. Mickus attended the 13th Geological Society of Africa conference in Hammamet, Tunisia in November, 2008. He presented one paper concerning the uplift of the Kundelundu Plateau in the SE Congo. After the conference, he attended a three-day fieldtrip in southern Tunisia to examine the Mesozoic limestones, shales, evaporites, sandstones and phosphate deposits, and related structural features. The fieldtrip was expertly lead by Hedi Zouari.

A rough overview of the entire fieldtrip and some of the sights  we saw are shown on the following 2 pages.

(click on image to see larger version)

Okba Mosque, oldest in the world, located at Kairouan
Okba Mosque in the world
Deformed Cretaceous Limestones near the Al Habib Dam
Limestone quarry near the Al Habab Dam
The Capital Palace in the Roman Ruins at Sufetula     
The Roman Ruins at Sufetula
 Chambi Mountain, highest in Tunisia within the Kasserine Island. We can see folded Cretaceous Strata on the right.  
The main Paleocene to Early Eocene phosphate layers (darker layers) within the Phosphate basin of Gafsa
Near vertical beds of Cenozoic Strata, one limb of an anticline within the Phosphate basin
Thin phosphate rich layers within Cretaceous Limestones. Notice the normal fault.
The main phosphate pit at the Metlaoui Mine in the Jahcha valley. The white layers are Eocene Strata that are removed to reveal the black Phosphate rich layers.
Deformed Eocene Limestones that overlies the phosphate deposits
 The phosphate deposits (black layers) with the Eocence Limestone  Processing of the phosphate


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