Into The Abyss:
A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs

by Mike Carlie, Ph.D.        
Michael K. Carlie
Continually updated.

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Chapter 20:
A Research Note

There is a pressing need for additional research on gangs. What is most needed are evaluations of prevention and intervention programs in order to determine which ones work and which ones don't. In keeping with a focus on why gang form, we need to know more about how to:

bulletregenerate failing social institutions,

bulletreduce racial and ethnic prejudice,

bulletbuild and maintain healthy families, 

bulletreduce child and spousal abuse,

bulletrebuild deteriorating neighborhoods and communities, 

bulletimprove students' academic performance and the quality of our inner-city schools, and

bulletincrease opportunities for gainful employment.

The subject of gangs is enormous and no one book could possibly address each of the related issues. Into the Abyss is only one of many books on the topic of gangs. If you are interested in learning more about this subject, take a look at the contents of the Bibliography for additional readings. In the Resources section you will find a suggested list of videos and web sites you may wish to explore and if you're a teacher, there are sites which will help you build lesson plans for yours students.

Our exploration of solutions to the gang phenomenon will make more sense if we are familiar with two important perspectives in the field of criminology. They have to do with how one explains why people behave the way they do and they are our next topic of consideration.


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