Into The Abyss:
A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs

by Mike Carlie, Ph.D.        
Michael K. Carlie
Continually updated.

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Into the Abyss is the result of what has become an ten year journey into the world of street gangs. The journey, which began with a sabbatical from my university in August of 1998, included field research in twenty-one cities in the United States and five cities in three other countries (see the list).

Over 150 interviews were conducted with police, gang members, parents of gang members, counselors, probation and parole officers, school principals, faith community leaders, treatment program personnel, and other people who were, and remain, close to the gang phenomenon.

The findings reported in this online book are based on a) observations in the field, knowledge gained from b) field interviews, c) a review of the literature on gangs, d) and over thirty years of experience as a criminologist, researcher, teacher, public speaker, consultant, and author.

The rapid and alarming rise in the number of youths joining gangs over the past forty years deserves our attention and an extended look at what gang members are doing and what, if anything, we can do to reduce gang activity. That's the purpose of this online book.

Gangs are destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of youths across the nation, as well as the families from which many of them come and the people they victimize. They are equally destructive to the neighborhoods in which they are found including the business community, faith institutions, schools, and other social institutions which require a stable community in order to function properly.

Thanks to the work of many researchers, we know a great deal about gangs and their members. We have an increasingly clear picture of why gangs form, why some youths join them, the nature of activities in which they participate, and the harm they cause one another and everyone else.

Every explanation as to why gangs form suggests a related solution. In this regard, Into the Abyss reviews both cause and solution. Although no one study may identify all the causes and potential solutions for the gang phenomenon, hopefully Into the Abyss contributes to this important conversation.

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Certain kinds of gangs were excluded from consideration in this study. Biker gangs, car clubs, prison gangs and, for the most part, white supremacist or hate/ideological gangs were not included. This is a common practice for American researchers studying street gangs because ideological gangs and those built upon a hatred of other classes/categories of people are different from youth or street gangs. Youth- or street gangs form for reasons other than the persecution of other classes of people. We'll explore the reasons for their formation later in the book.

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Additional Resources: Here are some statistics on the rise in the number of gang members in the United States from the 1970's to 1995. You can explore the various kinds of gangs excluded from Into the Abyss and the reasoning behind their exclusion.

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