Into The Abyss:
A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs

by Mike Carlie, Ph.D.        
Michael K. Carlie
Continually updated.

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Chapter 23:
Personal and Family Solutions


In this chapter we'll focus on solutions which may be implemented by individual citizens, former gang members, and families. Many solutions will be offered in this and following chapters. Some of them are tried and true, others are experimental. Some may be applicable to several communities, others will have to be fine-tuned to meet a particular community's situation. Careful planning and constant evaluation should result in producing successful approaches.

The solutions discussed in this chapter are among the most important in this section of the book. Unless the individual citizen is motivated to action, there is little that can ever be done to reduce gang activity and youth violence. Not surprisingly, there are many examples of effective personal and family prevention and intervention efforts. And the contributions of former gang members can not be overlooked.


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