Into The Abyss:
A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs

by Mike Carlie, Ph.D.        
Michael K. Carlie
Continually updated.

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Up-To-Date Gang-Related News

Asian Triads*
by Wade O. Koromantee
Reproduced here with permission.

Heroin trafficking is a major source of income for Asian gangs. Asian gangs also engage in extortion, armed robbery, and high tech crimes. Cantonese Chinese are by far the largest Asian group in Toronto and Cantonese Chinese criminals have set up some of the largest and most organized gangs in Canada. Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, and Korean gangs are also active in Toronto. 

Vietnamese street gangs in Toronto seldom give themselves names, for fear of attracting unwanted police attention. The Big Circle Boys (BCB) AKA Daai Huen Jai, are a Chinese gang that is involved in robbery and high tech theft. The 14k triad is the largest triad worldwide and operates in the GTA. It was formed after the second world war by Nationalists fleeing Communist Chinese. 

The Kung Lok was founded in TO by Lau Wing Kui. The Kung Lok triad was involved in illegal gambling, and extortion. In Canada there are about 450 members. The 14k triad, the largest triad in the world, has 160 members in Canada.

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